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About Us


Smoke 'N' Float is a gourmet food that is designed on a fusion of popular New Zealand cuisines / foods and traditional Maori style cooking. We endeavour to use native vegetation, NZ products, meats, and seafood.
Our signature product is the 'Float' (fry bread stuffed with something absolutely delicious!). The floats on our menu are authentic and designed by us. All breads, smoking of meats, and foraging of native vegetation were done by us; we believe that this will enhance your eating experience.
Smoke 'N' Float also offer a catering service. See our catering page for more information.

If you see us at an event, come have a korero with us. Keep an eye on our event page in our website, or check us out on facebook: Smoke 'N' Float Facebook

Our Background


Smoke 'N' Float was originally a 2017 UCOL street food assignment which did very well.

Two people in my life inspired me to create Smoke 'N' Float, both of whom have passed and meant so much to me. 

My Dad taught me to smoke foods when I was young and my grandmother used to cook fry breads when I was a child. My cousins and I came to call them 'floats' because they would float to the surface of the oil. I loved my childhood, because of my whanau.


We didn't have much while growing up and so my whanau had to be resourceful and know how to forage and live off the land and sea. My grandmother, papa, and dad taught me the Tikanga and ways of traditional Maori cooking.

I am so grateful to have learned and shared these special moments with my whanau, so much that I dedicate the name and mana of Smoke 'N' Float in honour of my whanau near or far.  


Maani & Stewart